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It therefore goes without saying that we are in a 0 km place: Lentils from Castelluccio di Norcia and Colfiorito, spelled from Monteleone, chickpeas and beans from the plain of Spello, cicerchia from Preci, Trasimeno bean, roveja from Cascia, a rich selection of cured meats from Valnerina and Monte Peglia with various seasonings and cinta e Piattillo from Orvieto, fresh and dried pasta made in-house or exclusively from small local pasta factories, a trolley of goat, sheep and vaccine cheeses from micro-dairies in the Umbrian Apennines and then again the saffron of Città della Pieve and that of Cascia, the red potato of Colfiorito, the onion of Cannara, the Black Truffle of Norcia and the white of the upper Tiber, DOP and monocultivar and organic farming oils from the best producers of Umbria.

... even in your home

And if we've forgotten something, it's because we want to tell you apart from those of the Slow Food Presidia: the mazzafegato from the upper Tiber valley, the black celery from Trevi and the cottora broad bean from Amerino which are added to the Trasimeno bean and the roveja from Civita di Cascia.

With these delicacies, which can also be purchased in the shop area, we prepare every day small delicacies and traditional dishes revisited with seasonal ingredients rigorously Made in Umbria. Shop of typical products, wine bar, restaurant ideal for a lunch break but also for a dinner with family, friends or rather for a romantic evening as a couple… To put it in other words: a welcoming place where you can feel at home, a unique place Perugia where to find all the taste of Umbria.

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