At Osteria a Priori you will find all of Umbria on paper and by all of Umbria we mean ALL of it. In fact, our goal is to offer you alongside the historic and most celebrated labels, a whole series of good lesser-known producers whose wines do not fall under any DOC or DOCG denomination. We like to give space to everyone, even to young, hidden and unthinkable wineries that our territory encloses in its hills.

Our rosé wines divided by zones are:

Rosato Umbria Igt 2016 (da uve Sangiovese)

Rosato Umbria Igt 2016 (da uve Ciliegiolo, Canaiolo, Sangiovese) Agr. Biolog.

Formilli Fendi Le Corgne
Rosato Umbria Igt 2016

Palazzone, “tixE” 
Pinot Grigio Umbria Igt 2013

Madrevite, “La bisbetica”
Rosato Umbria Igp 2015 (da uve Gamay)

Tabarrini, “Bocca di rosa”
Rosato Umbria Igt 2015 da uve sagarntino

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