Alessandro Casciola

I grew up in the market, my father was a groceries merchant, and every day he went around the Foligno countryside to collect the freshest and tastiest fruit and vegetables.

It was the sixities and my father, perhaps naively, was a forerunner of km0 food.
This has strongly contributed to create in me to a spirit of research and valorisation of everything extraordinary that my region can offer.

During the university I continued to help my father at the market, then, just before taking my degree in Economics, I started working for a regional body of agri-food and later for the promotion of wine tourism in Montefalco.
It is during these more than ten years of work that my knowledge and passion for good food and wine has been further enriched with relationships, discoveries and input.

I had a dream, to open a space where to gather and present to the public all my knowledge. So I opened a wine shop to take away and a restaurant where everything came from Umbria.

A quick look to the available spaces in the city center and… here we are! In Via dei Priori, one of the most important street of Perugia, we found a suggestive wide space divided on two floors. Raw wood on the floor, exposed beams and arches on the roof, walls with thousands of years of history to tell.

Here we go back to my father’s story: I don’t sell fruit and vegetables anymore, but the most pleasant and interesting part of my job continues to be that of searching, tasting, discover places and meeting the craftsmans. You can find thenir products on the plates, in the glasses, on the shelves of my two restaurants and online shop.

– Alessandro Casciola

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